Monthly Archives: March 2009

Shure SE110’s are disappointing

A few years ago I bought some Shure e2c in-ear monitors which I use basically every weekday on my commute to work.   After two warranty replacements for cracked cables, I  had to buy some new headphones.    The SE110’s seem to occupy the same space in Shure’s product range previously held by the e2c’s.   Even though they’re around the same price, the SE110’s are no where near as good as the e2c’s.     The isolation they provide is as good, but there is just something wrong with the midrange and high frequency with these headphones.    It’s just not there.

The clear headphones with the cracked cable are the e2c’s and the black ones are the SE110’s.    I’m going to try replacing the cable on the e2c’s.