Monthly Archives: September 2009

Shure SE102 are the same as the E2C/SCL2!

I mistakenly bought some Shure SE110’s after my E2C’s finally bit the bullet.  More correctly, the cable finally gave out after a few repair jobs involving solder and heat shrink.  Conveniently, my wife left my SE110’s on an airplane.  While shopping for yet another set of headphones, I noticed that the SE102’s were the same shape as my old E2C’s.   An old thread on head-fi ( lead me to believe it might even be the same driver inside.

I didn’t even bother comparing the specs (gasp), I just took the plunge and bought some SE102’s.   Sure enough, they sound just like the E2C’s.   One thing to note is that the SE102’s don’t come with the foam ear pads or the round zipper case.