Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’m done giving Apple Inc. money

Despite having owned way too many Apple products, I’ve never considered myself a “Mac user”.   Partly because I use Windows and Linux just as much and also because it’s just an operating system and not a drug, I’ve never put myself in the category.  I may buy another Apple computer at some point in the future, but generally I’m going to try and avoid it.  Even though I’ve never owned an iPhone or an iPod touch and I’ve never even thought about developing applications for them, the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement has certainly made me think twice about even buying another Apple product.

So what now?  Sansa Clip+.   For $49 it’s pretty hard to go wrong.   The nice smooth integration with desktop software isn’t there, but it works pretty well with gpodder.    It’s so tiny and has a beautiful screen.  It is also very popular with the head-fi audio-nut forum guys.