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MP James Moore – Puppet of the Media-Entertainment Complex

Last year just before the conservative government was about to introduce the copyright reform bill (C-32), Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore was at a speaking engagement when he referred to opponents of the bill as “radical extremists.” You can find the details here:

After watching the video, I actually wrote a letter politely asking for clarification of his remarks. Perhaps they were taken out of context or there was some nuance I missed. Unfortunately, I no longer have the letter and needless to say I didn’t get clarification. Instead, I got a form letter that simply restates the same talking points.

Here we are a year later and the C-32 that died is now back as C-11 and will likely pass. What I take away from all this is that James Moore isn’t a politician anyone should take seriously. He calls people names and doesn’t actually respond to his critics in any meaningful way.