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iPod Touch 4th Gen Repair How Not To

After a few years of use and then an unfortunate accident, both the battery and the screen on the household iPod touch were done like dinner. I looked at the guide on iFixit (not linked for your sanity) and decided that I could fix it. I’ve done stuff like this before. I’ve replaced the battery in a click-wheel iPod and the screen on a Blackberry three times.

Dishes are done, the house is quiet, and the sun is shining in the dining room. It’ll be enjoyable and rewarding. Let’s start.

Nice bright evening!  All ready to go!

Nice bright evening! All ready to go!

Here we are 90 minutes later and I’m about to test it before putting in the screws. Ruh-roh, what’s that? Do you see it? It’s a little ribbon cable, and it’s $%#@#$^ torn!

Game over.  Please don't try again.

Game over. Please don’t try again.

I could probably get a replacement ribbon cable, but I think I’ll follow the Apple way and just throw it all in the garbage.