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Remote for SoundBridge on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

I recently dusted off a Roku Soundbridge M1001 that had been sitting in a box for a year. The device has been discontinued for quite some time and the software hasn’t been updated in a few years. I plugged it in and it immediately started streaming the last radio station I had listened to before retiring the device. To my surprise, it also found my dlna server and everything just worked. It’s a really nice device with a beautiful display and it’s a shame it sat in a box for this long. Also to my surprise, I found a really nice remote control app for Android that also happens to work perfectly when sideloaded on a Blackberry 10 phone and even a PlayBook.

It’s called “Remote for SoundBridge” and you get get it in the Google Play store and the developers website is here:

I used to convert the apk to a bar.  Below are some screenshots from a Q10.

 Update:  The developer has given me permission to host the bar file.